My Eight-Year Step to Venture Scout

Eight years. What was the world like eight years ago? That is a loaded question and would take hours to fully digest. For quick reference, the movie The Wolf of Wall Street was released in 2013. Popular (and re-emerged) dance moves of 2013 included the twerk, and many start-ups began their business journey, including Urban Compass (now Compass), Oscar Health, and Realty Mogul. Moreover, we were all able to be outside with others less than six feet apart. It was a simpler time…

Note: The Harlem Shake craze took off in 2013.

It was also eight years ago I started my journey into venture capital (VC). VC investors lend…

Venture Investing In “Elder-Tech” and Caregivers

Earlier this month, I spent a week with my bride taking care of my 79-year old nino (godfather). Prior to our trip, I was a bit nervous about the experience we volunteered for; I’ve never cared for an elderly person. As with most anxieties, I began thinking about the worse possible scenarios. What if he stopped remembering to breathe? What if his memory began shutting down exponentially and he became aggressive? What could I do to ensure he stayed alive?

Photo by David Matos on Unsplash

There were a few tasks I needed to learn how to manage: helping him get dressed, ensuring he used specific…

Earlier this summer I interviewed Lolita M Taub, Principal at Backstage Capital, to gain her thoughts on the future of venture capital, the important role diversity plays at Backstage Capital, and how aspiring venture capitalists can differentiate themselves. Please see the article here.

After Years of Failing, It’s Time for a New Strategy

The year was 2010, and I was about to graduate with my engineering degree from Columbia University. As commencement loomed closer, I was nervous about life after turning the tassel. A week before finals, I received a manila envelope in my mailbox. It was from my Mom, and written at the top in her impeccable penmanship was, “Reach for the stars! Your grandfather would be proud.” Opening it, I pulled out an old, worn-out, and discolored copy of what looked like a product brochure. …

Hello! My name is Mario Augustine Avila and I am a venture capital (VC) enthusiast. Full disclosure: Serrano Ventures is a not a venture capital firm… yet. Hopefully less than twenty years from now, I will be writing as the managing director of Serrano Ventures with a venture fund looking at new technology startups that will impact the world positively. Before I speak about my background, please allow me to shed light on the name: Serrano Ventures.

Back in 2005, I was a student at Claremont McKenna College. Within the first month of school, one of the upperclassmen approached me…

The Mariachi VC

Venture Scout with @VamosVentures, engineer, entrepreneur, investor, marathon runner, and founding member of Mariachi Serrano. Former: @joinrbl1, @fissionvc

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